Beauties of The Southern Tier

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Sorry but I have suspended general viewing of my images. This site was ment to be a tool for models and talent scouts, but it seems to have evolved to a source of contention amongst the small minded. In an effort to protect my beautiful models, anyone requiring access must contat me personaly (with your credentials) for a personal access code. 

Some Sample Images



This site contains tasteful nudity. It is intended to be an art site dedicated to glorifying the beauty that God created. Most of the images on the site are of every day women showing their beauty. Some are thin and some thick as well. All of them a testament to femininity, so be respectful of that.  If it is discovered that a subscriber harasses a model contained on this site there will be sudden banishment. The same punitive actions will take place if it is discovered that a password is shared.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your viewing.